Last Updated 6 June 2018


You have one really reasonable option, and a handful of unreasonable options

  1. fly into Manchester Regional Airport(MHT), and call for a pickup, there is no public transportation that will get to the house. Off traffic its under 20 minutes to MHT.
  2. fly into Boston Logan and then either
    Take a Lyft/Uber (about $85 without tip for Lyft or Uber X)
    Take a Taxi (about $150 without tip)
    Take a Boston Express Bus to either the Londonderry (ex5 I93) or Nashua (ex8 Rte3) and call for pickup or Lyft/Uber/Cab
    Convince one of us to come and get you
  3. fly into Portland Maine(PWM). Call and we'll come and get you, its about a 90 minute ride without traffic



  • take the Northeast Corridor to South Station and take the Boston Express bus to Londonderry or Nashua and call for a pickup.
  • Automobile

    From Points WEST in MA or NY

    1. Either take the Mass Pike or Route 2 to 128/95 North.
    2. Follow to Route 3 North and head for New Hampshire.
    3. Get off at Exit 11 and follow from Exit 11 below

    From Points WEST in NH

    1. Take your favorite shot to NH 101 East
    2. Follow 101 until you pass the intersection with 101A
    3. Roughly 5 miles past 101A you'll come to a blinking light for Camp Road
    4. Turn Right onto Camp Road
    5. Follow from Camp Road below

    From Points SouthEast

    You have choices here

    1. Take I93 North to I95/128 South
    2. Take I95/128 South to US3 North and head for New Hampshire
    3. Get off at Exit 11 and follow from Exit 11 below


    1. Take I93 North through MA into New Hampshire
    2. Shortly after Exit 5 on I93 North in New Hampshire, bear LEFT onto I293 North
    3. This will quickly change identity and become NH 101 / I 293. Stay LEFT and follow the 101 side
    4. At the first traffic light, turn LEFT and follow NH 101
    5. Follow from NH101 below

    From Points East

    1. Take your best shot to NH 101 West in Manchester.
    2. Follow from NH101 below

    Exit 11

    1. Go through the toll barrier at Exit 11 ($0.50) and stay in the middle lane
    2. At the bottom of the ramp, turn LEFT onto Greeley (there is no sign, don't worry)
    3. At the next light, turn RIGHT onto Amherst Street (there should be a sign)
    4. Follow Amherst Street for a couple hundred yards past the White Pantry, and then make your first legal RIGHT onto Turkey Hill Road
    5. Follow Turkey Hill Road for a bit, and it will change name to McQuestion Road. Stay straight
    6. Follow McQuestion Road until you get to a traffic light. The road will change name to Baboosic Lake Road at this point, continue straight
    7. You should see a diamond shaped yellow sign for Tomahawk Drive on the right side of the road. This is a 50 yard warning!
    8. Turn RIGHT onto Tomahawk Drive
    9. Follow Tomahawk Drive until it dead ends onto Greatstone Drive.
    10. Turn RIGHT onto Greatstone Drive. We're the second house on the LEFT #37

    NH 101

    1. Follow 101 West passing through Bedford and into Amherst. If you get to 122 you've gone too far. If you haven't gotten to the Walgreens, you haven't gone far enough
    2. Shortly after you cross into Amherst, be on the lookout for Camp Road
    3. Turn LEFT onto Camp Road

    Camp Road

    1. Follow Camp Road almost exactly 2 miles, until you get to a serious dip in the road. This will be Greatstone Drive
    2. Roughly 75 yards past the entrance to Greatstone Drive is OLDE ROAD, make a LEFT onto OLDE ROAD
    3. OLDE ROAD will cross TOMAHAWK DRIVE. Actually, it dead ends into a driveway, but there's no real sign for it
    4. Turn LEFT onto TOMAHAWK DRIVE
    5. Follow Tomahawk Drive until it dead ends onto Greatstone Drive.
    6. Turn RIGHT onto Greatstone Drive. We're the second house on the LEFT #37

    If you get lost please use the contact information below.

    Alex Latzko & Bridget Boyle
    Aileen M Boyle Latzko
    Caoimhe C Boyle Latzko
    Saoirse A Boyle Latzko
    37 Greatstone Drive
    Merrimack, NH 03054
    603 429 2615

    Couple of maps. First